ZSession Changes

  1. Version 0.1.3 - Stable
    Session Name can now be changed as a property.

  2. Version 0.1.2 - Stable
    Session Sort() now sorts properly.

  3. Version 0.1.1 - Stable
    Made Application Timeout consistent for set(), del(), and clear().

  4. Version 0.1.0 - Stable
    Updated help and some formatting.

  5. Version - Development
    Added Refresh to Manage Applications and Sessions.

  6. Version - Development
    Added Application Object.
    Changed TimeStamp to ZSTimeStamp, which is a reserved word.
    Updated Help and added Test Method for Application Object.

  7. Version - Development
    Removed base64 encryption.

  8. Version - Development
    Thread Issue with Linux on startup again.

  9. Version - Development
    Thread Issue with Linux on Startup.
    Cookie not being set properly.

  10. Version - Development
    Sorted Sessions by last accessed time.
    Added and Reviewed ZSession Security.
    Added ZSession to Zope Help System.

  11. Version - Development
    Updated Readme file, some more formatting changes.
    Changed ZSessionObj methods to exclude TimeStamp key.
    Added Test Script to readme.txt

  12. Version - Development
    Updated Readme file, some formatting changes.

  13. Version - Development
    Manage Clear Session Keys does not show TimeStamp.
    Redirect if no Session Key selected fixed.

  14. Version 0.0.9 - Development
    Manage Session Details opens in frame.
    Formatted Manage Session Details in Table.
    Added Manage Clear Session Keys.

  15. Version 0.0.8 - Development
    Added Thread process manage screen.
    Added "clear sessions" security.

  16. Version 0.0.7 - Development
    Fixed Thread to not create new thread on Refresh a different way.

  17. Version 0.0.6 - Development
    Fixed Thread to not create new thread on Refresh.
    Fixed manage_clearSessions.

  18. Version 0.0.5 - Development
    Added Logging to show clearSessionsProcess.
    logs to var directory in ZSession.log.

  19. Version 0.0.4 - Development
    Added Session Manage Page to Show Current Sessions.

  20. Version 0.0.3 - Development
    Added Cleanup Process.
    One instance of ZSession in Root Folder.

  21. Version 0.0.2 - Development
    Added encryption to key and values.
    Objects can be stored in Session.

  22. Version 0.0.1 - Development
    Added Session Timeout setting to clear old sessions from memory.
    Changed SQLSession(Version 0.2.9a) to use RAM instead of DB to Store Session Data.